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Automate Tasks Using Your Programming Skills
You’ve learned networking skills in courses like CCNA R&S: Routing and Switching Essentials. Now is your chance to really put them into practice using the hottest programmable networking devices with this 8-hour workshop. You’ll hone skills in operating a controller-based network and automating management tasks using Cisco APIC-EM controllers in the virtual Cisco DevNet Sandbox -- just like the professionals!. Plus, you’ll get to join and participate in several professional software developer communities-of-practice such as Cisco DevNet, GitHub, and Stack Overflow. The workshop assumes you have CCENT [link to CCNA R&S RSE course] or equivalent networking skills and basic programming knowledge, as found in PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python

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core skills

Move from hearing buzzwords to having real hands-on experience with “SDN”, “Network Programmability”, and “REST APIs”

Interact with programmable devices using real-world APIs on Cisco APIC-EM programmable controllers

Use software concepts and tools relevant to network programmability including Python scripting, Git, JSON, Postman, and APIs

Join developer professional communities such as Cisco DevNet, GitHub, and Stack Overflow